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About The Rock and Roll Fantasy Foundation

Making music is an affirming, lifetime pursuit.  It asks for creativity, teamwork, and passion; and in return, it provides experiences and relationships that are rewarding, fundamental, and motivating. The purpose and direction of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Foundation are to assist emerging musical talents in building their path to success by enabling participation in events that build competency and connectivity in unique manners and that otherwise would be unavailable to those persons because of personal circumstances.

As part of our mission, we provide scholarships to eligible candidates to attend Rock Camp and share in the experience of becoming members of the Rock Camp family. Subscribe to learn about our efforts and how you can support our mission of Changing Lives Through Music.



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The Rock and Roll Fantasy Foundation is the proud sponsor of Rock Camp.  An Oral History: 25 Years of The Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. 

A special thank you goes out to Jeff Morris, a Board Member, for his generous donation in making this sponsorship possible.  Dedicated in loving memory of Pamela Morris, his wife, a beloved friend to many, and a long-time supporter of Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. 


Click here for Information about the book and how to purchase your copy today

Book Sponsored By The Rock
and Roll Fantasy Foundation!! 

Rock Camp: The Book


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