Meet the Board of Directors

Frank (1).png

Frank Pawlak - President/Exec Director
Lead Guitar. 6-time camper.


Rey More - Chairperson
Lead Guitar. Vocals.  14-time camper.

Mark New.png

Mark Pontz - Treasurer
Bass.  Lead Vocals. 8-time camper.

Tresenia New (2).png

Tresenia Griffin - Secretary
Lead Vocals. 4-time camper.

Bernt  New.png

Bernt Bodal - Board Member
Bass. Guitar. Vocals. 12-time + camper.

Jay New.png

Jay Fassbender - Board Member
Electric Guitar. 2-time camper.

Jett New.png

Jett Kuntz - Board Member
Electric Guitar. 2-time camper.

Laura New.png

Laura McKenzie Stanton - Board Member
Lead Vocals. Background Vocals. Harmonica. 7-time camper.

Jeff M.png

Jeff Morris - Board Member
Lead Vocals. Keyboard. 12-time + camper.